USPTO trademark application filing requirements and procedures

Use-based or intent-to-use trademark application filing Use-based applications.   To file a use-based application the trademark should be used in commerce in the USA at the time the application is filed.   Use in commerce means you should use the trademark in connection with selling or offering the relevant goods and/or services in the USA. … Read more

Trademarks for Amazon Brand Registry Requirements

Amazon accepts trademarks issued by government trademark offices in the following countries: United States Brazil Canada Mexico France Germany Italy Netherlands Poland Spain Sweden Turkey United Kingdom European Union Australia India Singapore Japan Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Country-specific trademark requirements to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry Americas United States (USA) Trademarks registered or pending … Read more

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

What are the benefits of using Amazon Brand Registry? A+ Content (previously known as Enhanced Brand Content – EBC) A+ content allows changing from plain text product descriptions to enhanced product descriptions and brand content. It includes but is not limited to videos and high-resolution photos, detailed product descriptions and charts, brand information.   A+ … Read more