Starting or developing their business on Amazon, almost every owner asks the urgent question – how to protect his business? Sooner or later, everyone eventually comes to an understanding that it is necessary to register a trademark.

Registration of a trademark is a rather long and laborious process, which entails many questions related to filing an application, answering questions and claims of experts, considering the reasons for refusing to register and many other pitfalls.

Our main task is to make the registration of a trademark in the USA, EU, China or Great Britain a simple and understandable procedure for you at an adequate cost.

  • Confidentiality

    We take care of the safety of the information provided to us and guarantee its protection from transfer to third parties or disclosure without the consent of the owner.

  • Individual approach

    There are very few typical tasks, most often each new client is a new unique task, where, in addition to the standard list of services, additional services may be required. Each task is performed according to the requirements of the client and the category of his business.

  • Relevance of information

    Our employees constantly monitor changes in the legislation of all relevant jurisdictions in order to offer clients the most relevant and promising solutions.